The Motherwell sponsored BRIMEX 2007 - Last Day Today!

30 April 2007 | 07:52 Code : 13560 Geoscience events
The Motherwell sponsored BRIMEX 2007 – Brisbane’s first taste of its own Mining...

  The Motherwell sponsored BRIMEX 2007 – Brisbane’s first taste of its own Mining & Engineering expo enters its final big day at the RNA Show grounds in Brisbane today!BRIMEX 07 so far has attracted thousands of Mining & Engineering industry professionals and has been pronounced a success by the organisers Australian Corporate exhibitions and the many of the hundreds exhibitors on display.National events manager for ACE said today “ for a first time event where we are breaking new ground and establishing an annual expo of this size, we are pleased with the results…ACE have invested a huge amount of money in the promotion of BRIMEX 07.When ever you launch into new territory it’s always a leap of faith!“We would like to thank the Queensland Mining & Engineering industry for their vote of confidence and support! We’re looking forward to an even bigger show next year as many of the exhibitors start to re-book or increase their space at the expo for 2008!The three day event has showcased the latest products and services in this wide industry sector of Queensland.The synergy of bringing all of this activity together will provide a tremendous boost for the state and provide tangible flow-on benefits for tourism and investment industry sales, employment and accommodation, boosting once again the overall confidence and health of the Queensland's economy.Naturally, the Brisbane International Mining & Engineering Expo 2007 will also provide the Queensland Government with an outstanding opportunity to provide valuable information to participating organisations and companies.Australian Corporate Exhibitions has a long and proud history of organising successful national Mining and Industry events.For many years Queensland has been a major supplier of minerals and metals across the globe, and exports have been fundamental in underpinning the Smart State’s prosperity. Events like Brimex 2007 focus attention on some of these and many other achievements in technology and mineral processing.Welcome to Queensland . . . and do take the time to explore more of what the SmartState has to offer said premier of Queensland the HON Peter Beattie MP

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