Early positive metallurgical results on Maun

08 September 2007 | 07:35 Code : 15188 Geoscience events
New test work has indicated strong potential for a premium quality copper....

  New test work has indicated strong potential for a premium quality copper concentrate to be produced by Brisbane-based Discovery Metals from its Maun Copper Project in northwest Botswana.Final results are expected in about six weeks from metallurgical test work currently in progress on copper-silver mineralisation samples from Maun. According to Discovery, these samples are being assessed as part of the project’s pre-feasibility study, which commenced earlier this month. Initial results from the new test work on the Maun copper-silver mineralisation have confirmed historical metallurgical results and indicate a premium quality copper concentrate, grading in the range of 35-42 percent Cu, is capable of being produced. Discovery reported that copper recoveries on copper-silver mineralisation from the main Zeta Prospect at Maun were excellent at 95 percent, with previous work showing silver recoveries of 80 percent. Discovery Metals Managing Director, Jeremy Read said that the initial results obtained from the Maun Project’s new metallurgical tests were very positive as they indicate that a high-grade copper-silver concentrate should be achieved with excellent recovery rates. “Historical metallurgical test work on copper-silver mineralisation from the Zeta Prospect on the Maun Copper Project showed that it is possible to produce a premium-grade copper concentrate in excess of 40 percent copper, with an excellent recovery rate of 95 percent,” Mr Read said. “Our initial results from Maun are very consistent with the earlier metallurgical test results, suggesting it should to be possible to produce a very high quality copper-silver concentrate using a simple processing flow sheet,” he said. If the final metallurgical test results are consistent with the historical test results, as our initial results have been, then the copper concentrate from the Maun Project should be well sought after due to its significantly higher than average copper content and its silver credits.”

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