Intellection acquires mineral services business in UK

14 October 2007 | 04:31 Code : 15607 Geoscience events
Intellection Pty Ltd, a leading provider of solutions for the automated, quantitativ....
Intellection acquires mineral services business in UK

  Intellection Pty Ltd, a leading provider of solutions for the automated, quantitative evaluation of minerals, rocks and man-made material, has completed the acquisition of UK based XRD services company, X-ray Mineral Services Ltd (XMS).Intellection recently entered the oil and gas services sector with the introduction of an advanced mineralogy and lithotyping process based on the company’s QEMSCAN technology. This service, operating from dedicated facilities in Brisbane, provides detailed mineralogical analysis of drill cuttings and sidewall plugs from wells, aiding understanding of the geology associated with both operating and future reservoirs.Located in North Wales, XMS provides XRD and XRF analysis services to the oil and gas sector primarily in the UK, Europe, North Africa and Middle East. Founded some 10 years ago, the company has a well-established client base amongst the major exploration and production, and technical services companies in these regions.XMS Managing Director, Stephen Jones said the company had been working with Intellection on the application of QEMSCAN technology to the Petroleum sector for a number of years. He said it’s capabilities for lithotyping from cuttings and plugs had fantastic benefit to the industry, and was complementary to his company’s existing XRD services.“Our alignment with Intellection greatly extends not only our services offering from the UK, but also the company’s services capabilities for the industry in Australia,” Mr Jones said.Intellection CEO Calvin Treacy this was a key step in establishing direct representation for Intellection services and products on a global basis, especially for the company’s oil and gas services business.

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