High grade base metal intersection at Southern Barite

14 October 2007 | 04:32 Code : 15608 Geoscience events
Bass Metals Ltd has provided an update of its recent drilling at the Southern.....

  Bass Metals Ltd has provided an update of its recent drilling at the Southern Barite Zone, part of the Hellyer Mine Project in Tasmania.The Southern Barite Zone is a large, un-mined, barite-rich zone developed at the Hellyer Ore Position to the south of the Hellyer ore body. The zone has previously been interpreted as flat lying extending at least 300m north-south, up to 150m east-west and up to 30m thick, and has been affected by subsequent folding and faulting. The top of the zone lies about 150m below the surface.The zone is known from broad-spaced historic drilling, generally on 100m spaced drill sections. In these holes barite mineralisation is often associated with intervals of high grade base metal sulphide. Historic drill intersections (down-hole widths) from within the Southern Barite Zone include:
• HL661 – 1.5m at 12.0% Zn, 9.3% Pb, 0.5% Cu, 184g/t Ag and 2.5g/t Au
• HL666 – 7.2m at 21.6% Zn, 9.7% Pb, 1.0% Cu, 166g/t Ag and 2.3g/t Au
• HL683 – 5.3m at 9.4% Zn, 5.4% Pb, 0.6% Cu, 166g/t Ag and 2.3g/t Au
• HL789 – 14.3m at 4.7% Zn, 3.1%Pb, 0.2% Cu, 190g/t Ag and 4.4g/t Au
• HL866 – 13.5m at 6.7% Zn, 3.8% Pb, 0.2% Cu, 170g/t Ag and 3.6g/t Au
According to the company, these intercepts indicated the potential for the Southern Barite Zone to host moderate sized lenses of high grade base metal mineralisation, forming an attractive drill target.HLD957 is the fourth hole of the program, which started 100m to the south and it is the first drill hole on section 10150N. The target Hellyer Ore Position was intersected, as expected, at 147.8m but it was underlain by a much thicker zone of mineralisation than expected from the previous geological interpretations.The reported 57.5m interval contains an upper and lower zone of 11.65 and 4.5mrespectively of high grade base metal sulphide mineralisation within the broader 57.5m zone of moderate grade mineralisation defined at a 5% Pb+Zn cut-off. This is consistent with the geological assessment of mineralisation reported to ASX on 21 September 20076. Lower grade (1.2 g/t) gold and (23 g/t) silver mineralisation starts above the base metal zone from 156.35m.The surprisingly thick sequence of mineralisation intersected and indications of low angles to the core axis of the mineralisation compositional banding suggest that the previous simple flat lying geological interpretation is not applicable. Tightly folded sulphide lens geometry has been interpreted. The company has said that notwithstanding this current conservative interpretation of the drill hole geology the HLD957 intersection indicates a potentially thick zone of high grade massive sulphide mineralisation open vertically and to the north and south of HLD957 for at least 75m.Follow-up drilling is planned after the company has completed geological assessment of the other high grade intercepts from historic drilling.Elsewhere on the Hellyer Mine Project the company with the support of Coffey Mining is estimating the resource potential of the feeder stock work zones and evaluating mining opportunities centred on remnant mineralisation within the decommissioned Hellyer mine.

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