Spectacular new results at the Conrad Silver Project

20 October 2007 | 05:22 Code : 15683 Geoscience events
Malachite Resources NL has received the results for a further two holes drilled....

  Malachite Resources NL has received the results for a further two holes drilled recently at Conrad. The results for both holes are encouraging; with drill hole CMDD50 in particular providing a spectacular intersection, the best to date at Conrad.Speaking about the results, Managing Director, Garry Lowder, said: “These results show just how much metal can be packed into the lodes at Conrad. A cubic metre of ore like the CMDD50 lode intersection would contain nearly $10,000 worth of metal at today’s prices. It would take a grade of more than 4 ounces of gold per tonne for a cubic metre of gold-bearing quartz reef to hold as much metal value.”Importantly, the high silver assays are accompanied by excellent base metal and indium results. With lead currently worth more than zinc and the high prices being quoted for copper, tin and indium, the CMDD50 results strongly support the company’s view that significant amounts of very high grade mineralisation like that mined in the past at the Conrad Mine remain to be extracted in the future.Dr Lowder added: “The CMDD50 intersection is shallow and surrounded by existing underground development, so it would be a great place to begin mining. They say grade is king and it looks like ‘King Conrad’ will live up to its name for us.”“Assays for five holes remain outstanding and the company is on track for release of an initial resource estimate for Conrad in November. The last hole in the Phase 1 program, CMDD56, which intersected mineralisation similar to that in CMDD50, has been preserved whole specifically for metallurgical test work and will not be assayed until that work is carried out.”

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