Indian decision major boost for Eden

23 October 2007 | 04:47 Code : 15724 Geoscience events
A bold decision by the Indian Government to have a fifth of the country’s....

  A bold decision by the Indian Government to have a fifth of the country’s vehicles running by 2020 on new, lower emission hydrogen-gas fuel blends, has been welcomed by an Australian company at the forefront of developing and marketing such fuels.ASX-listed Eden Energy said the Indian Government decision would significantly boost Eden’s first mover advantage to date in establishing a competitive foothold in alternative low emission fuel supplies for India’s transport and power generation markets.Eden’s Executive Chairman, Greg Solomon said the company had been actively and successfully promoting, marketing and trialling its Hythane fuel, a blend of hydrogen and methane gas, in India for two years.“This has positioned Eden on a strong first mover advantage within the key national market most expected to lead world conversion rates in the next 10 to 12 years to alternative fuels, particularly hydrogen based blends,” Mr Solomon said.“The Government’s decision sends a clear signal that India’s energy economy will become increasingly hydrogen focused. That can be expected to precipitate a rush for fuel technologies able to service public transport needs and both back-up and base-load power generation requirements.“The pace at which these technologies and fuel blends is introduced will burgeon in the very near term because of the current campaign by many Indian states to rush the roll out of gas distribution networks able to service fuel blend demand,” he said.The Indian Government decision to target having all natural gas powered vehicles running on a mixture of hydrogen and natural gas within 12 years, is expected to impact one million vehicles or about 20 percent of the whole Indian vehicle market.Mr Solomon said that on the back of that decision, Eden could confidently expect to make significant progress in the next few years.

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