Bondi commences survey at Murphy Project

03 November 2007 | 06:03 Code : 15790 Geoscience events
Bondi Mining Ltd has announced the commencement and progress of a high resolutio....

  Bondi Mining Ltd has announced the commencement and progress of a high resolution airborne magnetic and radiometric survey at the Murphy Project, Northern Territory.The aim of the survey is to further resolve the position of targets for unconformity-related uranium mineralisation in the area. The targeted unconformity is associated with the Westmoreland Uranium field to the east of the project and is equivalent to the unconformity which hosts the world class Alligator Rivers Uranium field. Previous surveys have been carried out in the area, and despite their poor data quality, they were able to detect subtle uranium responses under thin sand cover associated with some of Bondi Mining's priority target areas. The current survey, which is being carried out by Fugro Airborne Surveys, is expected to cover nearly 26,000 line kilometres at a 100m line spacing and a planned ground clearance of 60m. The survey, which commenced in late September and is currently over 60% complete, is expected to finish in late October. Following completion of the Murphy Project survey, the aircraft will move on to carry out detailed surveys at North Maureen and Mt Hogan in Queensland. In addition, the company has now completed 30sqkm of radon track etch surveying over three of the higher priority unconformity uranium target areas within the Murphy tenement packages, comprising 210 sample sites on 200m by 800m grids. The current sampling team is about to be bolstered by a second team as sampling continues over the priority targets in the area. The Murphy project is a key part of the acquisition deal with Buffalo Gold Ltd to acquire 100% of its Australian uranium portfolio, previously announced on May 14th, 2007. The project is made up of 5 granted tenements and 3 applications totalling 9,051sqkm. “We are making solid progress toward refining our uranium drill targets in this highly prospective area,” said Dr Rick Valenta, Managing Director of Bondi Mining Ltd. “As the airborne and field geophysical work goes on, we are also putting in place all the permits and clearances required in order to move to drill stage”.

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