Uranium drilling commences at Lake Darlot

18 December 2007 | 04:00 Code : 16281 Geoscience events
Peak Resources has commenced a drilling program to follow up highly encouraging....

  Peak Resources has commenced a drilling program to follow up highly encouraging results from initial exploration at the Lake Darlot Uranium Project, near Leinster in the goldfields region of Western Australia.The Lake Darlot Prospect comprises broad calcareous sedimentary deposits, estimated to be up to 10m thick at the margins of Lake Darlot. According to Peak, the calcareous sediments have been identified as being enriched in uranium by precipitation from drainage inflows from nearby catchments that host “hot” granites. Regional radiometrics data identified a broad zone of anomalous uranium in sediments that is approximately 7km long by 2.4km wide. Peak completed a sample traverse over part of the anomaly in March to verify the radiometrics and delineate background U3O8 within the Prospect. Uranium rich mineral carnotite has been identified in a shallow calcrete pit (< 1m deep), located on the edge of Lake Darlot. Sample results from grab sampling within the shallow pit returned highly encouraging results of 147 and 384 ppm U3O8, with soil sampling returning a peak result of 186 ppm U3O8. Lake Darlot is one of four prospects comprising Peak’s Goldfields Uranium Projects. The project group includes the Lake Darlot, Cogla Downs, Gabyon, and Cosmo Prospects. The Lake Darlot Uranium Project consists of 119sqkm of tenure, located 100km east-northeast of Leinster in Western Australia.

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