Oklo identifies significant uranium radiometric anomalies

06 April 2008 | 05:16 Code : 17017 Geoscience events
Australian resources company Oklo Uranium has received the preliminary....

  Australian resources company Oklo Uranium has received the preliminary findings from a recently completed combined radiometric and aeromagnetic survey at its Upper Yalgar River Project, which show a number of discrete uranium anomalies are located within the tenement area, located 50km north of Meekatharra in Western Australia.The survey results also show a general high level of background uranium associated with sediments of the palaeo-Yalgar River drainage system.Two of the most important uranium radiometric anomalies identified are associated with large in-valley calcrete deposits related to a northeast palaeo-tributary system, the Meek Well Anomaly and the main east-west palaeo-Yalgar River, Millie Well Anomaly.The Meek Well Anomaly is approximately 4km long and up to 2km across and corresponds to a large calcrete deposit associated with a northeast palaeo-Yalgar River tributary.The Millie Well Anomaly, less clearly defined than the Meek Well Anomaly, has a length of approximately 8km and a width of approximately 2km and corresponds to calcrete deposits associated with the main channel of the palaeo-Yalgar River. Oklo’s Managing Director, Ross Brown said these preliminary results were very encouraging for the company.“This survey has confirmed that the calcrete deposits that relate to the palaeo-Yalgar river system have coincident uranium radiometric anomalism. They are radiometric anomaly discoveries at this time only, but nevertheless are indicative of potential significant uranium occurrences,” he said.

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