Amador Gold Corp announces update on exploration at Jessop Gold Project

26 July 2009 | 06:35 Code : 19172 Geoscience events
Amador Gold Corp (TSX-V: AGX), a gold mining company, provided yesterday...

Amador Gold Corp (TSX-V: AGX), a gold mining company, provided yesterday (14 May) an update on its Jessop Gold Project in the Jessop, Murphy and Mountjoy townships, northwest of downtown Timmins in Ontario. The Jessop property is accessible throughout the year by road, lying close to past and present producing gold mines and has not been explored before. It was acquired to test the fact that the property without any outcrop may have geological features with gold mineralization, such as that present in the Timmins area. The company is aiming for a quartz feldspar porphyry rock unit, known to circulate gold-bearing fluids. In addition, there is the possibility of the Destor-Porcupine Fault Zone (’DPFZ’) in the Timmins area, known as the North Mines Trend, splay off. This interpreted splay is north of the DPFZ and splits off there and extends westward through the Jessop property, where it would intersect the Montreal River Fault. This conceptual model further expects the presence of gold in tills along the southern boundary of the Jessop property. Tills are deposited by glaciers. Pamour Gold Mines which sampled the till in 1986, systematically found gold values as high as 58 grams per tonne along the southern boundary of the present-day Jessop property. The direction of the relevant ice movement from the tills deposited, infers that the gold could be from Jessop property rocks. The company has carried out a state of the art VTEM airborne survey over the property in two orthogonal directions, in addition to a historical compilation of the area. The survey was based on the theory that a structural corridor running northwest/southeast intersects the North Mines Trend in Jessop Township

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