28th conference of earth science was represented in Orumieh University

05 December 2010 | 05:51 Code : 20287 Special News
28th conference of earth science and 14th conference of geology institute of Iran ...

28th conference of earth science and 14th conference of geology institute of Iran was represented in 25 to 27 Shahrivar Month in current year in Orumieh University according to report of public communication of mineral exploration and geology organization of the country and Iran Geology Society are planning representation of 14th conference of Iran geology society and 28th conference of earth science in Orumieh for development and scientific and technical information turning and representation of last investigation and scientific achievements related to earth science and in order to raise up geology science level and with more usage.

13th course of selection and introduction of best geologist and veteran geologist of the year in order to commemoration of prominent geologists of the country and also selection and introduction of 13th compilers and translators is a part axial programs for people in 14th conference of Iran geology society.

Representing of 10th game of microscopic and macroscopic and caricature images and selection of fifth best student of geology of the country in order to create of derivation and encourage of students in country universities and related grounds for example investigation, book writing, article and recording of innovation are also from lateral parts of 14th conference of society of geology in Iran.

Petrology, hydrology, geochemistry, geophysics, petroleum geology, economical geology, engineering geology, geotourism, sedimentology and sedimentary petrology, geology of Orumieh Lake, environmental geology and medicine geology, stratigraphy and fossil, Quaternary geology, structural geology, tectonic, seismotectonic, telemetry and system of geographic information have been introduced in earth science as main axis for 28th conference of earth science.


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