Geological tourism reaches to first grade from tourist aspect.

05 December 2010 | 06:59 Code : 20288 Special News
Geotourism will be reached to first grade from tourist number among ...

Geotourism will be reached to first grade from tourist number among other species of tourism industry soon.

According to public communication of mineral exploration and geology organization of the country, Alireza Amri Kazemi said besides explanation of this matter: considering to historical tourism has been created and people intend mainly in nature, thus fundaments of geotourism pays to natural fantastic and it is accompanied with mixed scientific matters and trainings.

He said about difference among nature cruising and geotourism:

Nature cruising is limited to plant and animal environment and it regards ecosystems and it is related to alive organisms; but geotourism pays mainly on non-alive part of nature like volcano, salt dome and erosional phenomena.

Amri Kazemi reminded by explaining of geotourism is a special species of tourism industry, but its policy is as general people are challenges to these phenomena: from year of 2000 AD, geotourism was regarded in the word and it starts to work contemporary to it in year of 1379 by paying to this type of tourism industry in Iran and beginning of paying to geotourism got contemporary to geopark matter.

Executor of geotourism plan of mineral exploration and geology organization of the country is aim of establishment of geoparks in creation of natural tourism regions with axial role of geological phenomena with natural historical and cultural phenomena mentioned and said: geoparks are a new type of protected regions that set of animal phenomena (plant and animal) and cultural and natural phenomena is involved.

He reminds with this matter that geotourism is done not only in area of geoparks but also in each points that rave and sightseeing geological phenomena are present too: there is only a geopark in Iran, i.e. Gheshm Geopark has been recorded as a one of global geoparks of UNESCO and knowledge publishes results of its investigation about 20 sires by aim of establishment of geopark soon.

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