Iran and Congo signed an agreement of cooperation in mineral and geology

05 December 2010 | 08:36 Code : 20290 Special News
Ministry of industries and mines in Islamic republic of Iran and ministry of mines of democratic republic of Congo signed ...

Ministry of industries and mines in Islamic republic of Iran and ministry of mines of democratic republic of Congo signed on agreement through empowering of relationships between two countries, cooperation agreement in order to develop of mineral and geological relationship.

According to public communication of MINERAL EXPLORATION AND GEOLOGY ORGANIZATION, engineer Meiguni, manager of international office of this organization announced about signing of cooperation agreement of Iran and Congo and he said: considering to good bilateral relation ships and shared concerning of two countries for development of technical and economical relationships and after visit of launched experts group from ministry of industries and mines of Islamic republic of Iran and mines ministry of democratic republic of Congo, mentioned cooperation agreement was signed.

He added: considering to agreements between both sides of high grades of two countries and considering to mineral potential of Congo and capability of Iran in various fields of earth science, mine and extraction, Iranian side declared his ready for evocation of geo database, construction of a geostatistical unit, improving of informatics system for recording of mineral areas with practical capability by internet, accessing of all basic information in model of GIS through mineral systematic exploration, studies of geology dangers, environment, hydrogeology, marine geology and medicine geology and also studies of restone evaluation and technical feasibility economical exploitation of mineral projects and training and transportation of technical knowledge in various fields.

Manager of international office of mineral exploration and geology organization reminded: in this agreement that it has been signed by industry and mine ministry and head writer of mines ministry of Congo, Iranian side declared its readiness for training of working experts in abs of mine ministry of Congo through help to creation and equipping of labs of mineral sample analysis, compilation of exploration of mineral material strategy, exploration of mineral metallic material, non-metalic, precious rocks and semi-precious rocks and also structure staffs.

Meiguni announced suggestion of Congo side for giving of purposed areas for accomplishment of shared experimental projects and he said: in order to implement of agreement note, currently between two sides in launching of an expert shared group to democratic republic of Congo for evaluation and selection of suggestive areas for survey and selection of prioritized areas made agreement.

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