consequent sessions for progression of aims in revolution plan of industry and mine.

17 January 2012 | 17:42 Code : 20291 Special News
Head of office of revolution in industry and mine announced ...

Head of office of revolution in industry and mine announced for enrolling of consequent sessions for progressing of compilation aims of this office and identification and evaluation of industrial and mineral units.

Seid Reza, Fatemi Amin, counselor of industry and mines ministry and head of office of industry revolution and mine from representing of consequent sessions all over country in order to progress of compiled aims in revolution plan in part of industry and mine and he said: revolution office is following of development of programs and their conferences all over country that last session was represented based n this, by presence of vast spectrum of trustee in part of industry and mine of country in Mashhad.

He reminded: in compilation of this plan, for energy wasting fields like cement, steel, file and glass, a special condition has been regarded.

Fatemi Amin said about aims of revolution office for formation of work of country group: with creation of a concentrated work group, industrial and mineral units of country was identified and evaluated and they are introduced to banks for receiving of necessary facilities.

Head of office of revolution in industry and mine about change in prices after implementing of revolution plan which has taken mind of many trustees of this part, remained, office of revolution in industry and mine, 3 exploitation programs, prices and compensate in its protocol that prices will become balanced based this matter after implementing of plan.

He added: in case of prices is entranced according to expected level, compensating program will not become implemented vastly and most of program is concentrated on exploitation in industrial units.

Fatemi Amin, reminded about affairs of revolution office in case of unusual enhancement of prices, in this case, compensate program involves straight payments, increasing of prices for some of merchandises and loans for providing of that will not be implemented to put prices in level of balances.

Counselor of industry and mines ministry from industrial and mine units requested that do not be concern for third prices and he emphasized. Compensate programs of revolution office, high amount of processes compensates princesses for industries with energy wasting.

He mentioned at the end of exploitation program with energy axises, management of human resources, market, exports and imports and financial providing as main policy of revolution office of mine and industry.

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