Decreasing in geological distance of Iran to modern and updated technologies of the world

06 December 2010 | 06:27 Code : 20295 Special News
According to public communication of MINERAL EXPLORATION AND GEOLOGY ORGANIZATION, Mohammad Taghi Korei ...

Mineral Exploration and Geology Organization of the Country is planning to decrease its distance to updated technology of the word as programming.

According to public communication of MINERAL EXPLORATION AND GEOLOGY ORGANIZATION, Mohammad Taghi Korei added in 27th conference of earth science and 13th conference of Iran geology society with explanation of above matters: percentage of science and technology, big policies, multiple scenario, production of technology (decreasing of hard dependence of hardware and software) creation of refluxed organization, development of science data base and development of their field sciences for example for future programs of geology.

He added with explanation of this matter that in field of earth science, are have observed a late in technology entrance, in four temporal points, to the country: these four points are delay in establishment, delay in entrance of digital systems delay in satellite technology and delay in development of internet networks.

He continued: these delays have been decreased in three last decades proportion to their emersion in global scale as non-systematic and irregular that its purpose is hanged in technology initial and era of information explosion and development of international communication.

He continued with this matter that: in MINERAL EXPLORATION AND GEOLOGY ORGANIZATION, also a series of affairs like using of satellites and geophysics has been carried out in mineral exploration in year of 1373 and formation of telemetry groups and some of other affairs.

He said that: for surveying of evolution trend of earth science n the world, we can divide history to three total era and we can compare changes in Iran and world based on it. In scientific era that it involves since 20th to today, it has been confronted to fast and accelerated movement of science in the world and formation of geology organization in Iran during this period.

Korei explained that we have been confronted to increasing extent of numerous databases in recent decade and he said: recent decade is decade of global extent and fascinating of internet and data communications, under structure, organization structures and …

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