Creatively and innovation are secrets of nations persistence

06 December 2010 | 06:31 Code : 20297 Special News
movement of a nation is not possible without innovation in human history ...

Innovation is secrete of nations permanence scientific.movement of a nation is not possible without innovation in human history and many nations have come and passed but people and nations which do not use climbing of scientific summits and there is no name from them now.

According to report of public relation of mineral exploration and geology organization, Mr. president that he said in opening ceremony of second national festival of innovation and flourishing of revolution, to innovators with this explain that good future and glitter tomorrow is for you, emphasized on permanence of fast movement of science with incremented power and capability and with explaining of satisfying of presenting of second national festival of innovation, he mentioned hope fully: this festival which has been represented this year with a higher quality and vast extent by attempt of scientists and youth in a valid international festival turns to effective and future making.

The president of the country explained in following:

Representing people of this festival approved with implementation of this festival that Iran Nation is alive and it will be alive till end.

Ahmadi Nejad mentioned about national festival of innovation and flourishing as a very valuable work and he said: best works and societies in our country is a work which is presented in this conference and the society that scientists, innovators have good presence in it.

He mentioned in trial of his explaining the aim of human creation is flourishing, raising and gaining of human completion summits and emanation of names and subjects of the god so that human can be predominated on all of materialist world and science, wisdom, power, innovation, kindness and beauties can be rehearsed in this world.

He reviewed name and memory of some of historical characters and he asked a question that how many historical people you know who are free from science and or they are not in highest scientific surfaces of its area.

Head of 10th government, said about second element or as same believe of values and following of far wishes: human does not have much difference to other organisms without for wishes with human and God subjects and everybody who does not have movement and life, he does not have wish.

It is necessary to mention; ministry of industries and mine have been present near to governmental ministries in this conference that mineral exploration and geology organization, office of innovation and flourishing of industries and mines ministries are from present organizations in it that they pay to introduce of achievements and innovations of their experts.

It is necessary; this conference has been represented in attempt of scientific and technical deputy of president and scientific fundaments of elites and three parts of governmental organizations, innovators and sector companies in it.

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