Industries and Mines Minister emphasized the optimal use of geological and organization capabilities exploration and geology organization Country

05 February 2012 | 12:38 Code : 20313 Special News
Country geological activities in the organization exploration and geology organization been valuable and young scientists...
in the organization of geology and exploration of the country  have been done valuable activities and young scientists in many professional organizations have to say that I hope most of the potentials of this organization from the past should be used.

According to geological organizations exploration and geology organization public communication country; ministry of Mines and industries in National congress of managers in the presence of Ministry of Industries and Mines Ministry appointed President and report its affiliated organizations would provide the president; about the geological activities and organizations exploration and geology organization said: This collection of international projects in 27 abroad is active and other countries President existing reports on the activities of Iran, called for a visit are the competencies of the organization.

The conference Mehrabian more abundant natural resources, mining, energy and more than 68 mineral types and the presence of young and creative forces of the reasons for increased investment in recent years added: growing trend of exports of good conditions in international markets, located in the corridor North - South and East and West and the Middle East region and the bridge connecting Europe - Asia and the complete production chain for added value above the current global economic situation and the particular location for investment growth has created. In another part of his remarks on the eve of the country’s industrialization and added assessment: industry and mining sector’s share in value added of the country and 22 percent passing the 23 percent that reach close to 25 percent according to indicators, an industrialized country We will be considered. Mehrabian noted: 37 billion tons of mineral reserves, decisive and probably picked up 68 billion tons with 260 million tons annually over recent years, the mining sector has good growth indicator.

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