National earthquake hazards reduction conference opens

10 January 2012 | 12:35 Code : 20315 Special News
National Conference of reducing earthquake hazards in the November 5 Institute of Geophysics...

Today morning in geophysics Institute of Tehran University & National conference of declining of earthquake dangerous was opened.

National conference of declining of earthquake dangers of earthquake of 5 Aban Month was represented by presence of managers & trustees of the work in geophysics Institute of Tehran University.

According to public communication of GSI in this conference in one day which was represented by cooperation of geophysics institutes of Tehran University center of structure & shared investigation, GSI, IRIB, mapping organization &  organization of prevention & crisis management of Tehran city. At first Dr. Jafari, investigation, deputy of Tehran University had a prediction. He implied to various conferences which was represented in the country by similar titles & through studies related to dangerous in the country; he reminded: implementation of achievements of these types of conference & optimized using of them in further investigation is very important & useful.

Dr. Jafari implied to duties of geophysics Institute of Tehran University in informing network to country of earthquakes of the country: based on confirmed rule, this institute has duty of fast diurnal informing in the country that all of related information from organization & departments is for this institute & it will be informed uniformly.

He added: one of most important problem which results in declining of earthquake dangerous in the country, is recognition of needs & related facilities for declining of anticipation time of earthquake that government group with reach its maximal helps for providing of these facilities to related organizations.

Natural events enter annually over 45,000 billion rails of financial dangerous to the country.

Dr. Ahamd Givi, head of geophysics Institute of Tehran University was next spokesmen of conference.

He said about how to present of this conference: As a national name has been placed on this conference, executive group has confronted to this problem as a national problem & he asked from whole related organizations to introduce their agent for attending in the sessions & it surveyed in more than 20 sessions about how to represent of this conference.

Head of geophysics institute declared that during 10 years from 1378 to 1387, based on occurrence of various natural events, annually more than 45 thousand billion rails of financial damages are entered to Iran Economy & he emphasized: by indirect accounting, entered damage to the country is estimated annually more of an 3% of national impure production.

He continues his speech by mention of this accounting: Average each 2.5 years, likelihood of earthquake occurrence is in magnitude of 6 to 5.6 Richter & every five years an earthquake to 7 Richter & each 10 years an earthquake with magnitude of more than 7, the country will be vibrated.

Ahmad Givi introduced activities of GIS activities as progressive organization by side of introduction of active this organization pays to identify of geological dangers in order to identify of dangerous & unstable regions map than 50 years & help to create of clean environment, gathering, representation & transportation of earthscience information to other center & production of basic information are from its important aims.

Engineer Bagheri, deputy of country ministry & head of crisis management organization was last spokesman who paid to explain of his viewpoint in first part of this conference. He declared that we are looking for comprehensive patterns in this conference that implement than in all levels of whole provinces completely & implementation of this conference has been programmed more than 2.5 years ago & we hope than emphasis on accidental events especially earthquake is from thoughtful preliminaries of mangers & usual people of society.

In next parts of this conference, scientific speeches about organization of using of related data to earthquake, orientation & prioritizing of related training to decreased earthquake dangers, taught lessons from Iran Earthquake, declining of structural danger declining & precursors of earthquake will be represented that manger of engineer geology affairs environmental dangers of GIS by a subject under little (recognition of seismic springs & analysis of earthquake) will speak.



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