The share of value-added modern industries in the industrial sector is 20 percent

30 January 2012 | 12:38 Code : 20316 Special News
Minister of Industries and Mines announced that at least 20 percent of ...
Minister of Industries and Mines announced that at least 20 percent of industrial country exports is devoted to new industries, the decade leading to the decades of modern industries in the country to learn.

According to the public communication of exploration and geology organization country, Ali Akbar Mehrabian, Minister of Industries and Mines, the festival opening ceremony that the information technology industry and international conferences in central Iran (Islamic Summit Hall) held together with senior managers and journalists Referring to remarks about the Supreme Leader said the industry: basic elements of a country’s progress and our industrial sector has witnessed considerable progress in recent years were in industry.

His industrial development of each country depends on its economic development and said: For all-round growth of the country must first of its infrastructure and industries to the infrastructure industry will grow in other parts of the country will be poured.

Minister of Industries and Mines, capacity and market knowledge of industrial countries and industrial growth based on global technologies in an effective industrial development strategy and said: According to the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Axis forces can be educated and efficient growth of industry control.

Mehrabian Iran’s strategic position at the intersection of important advantage in industrial countries considered and said: If you have a look at the growth industry of new issues and information technology industries as basic industries are the most after being passed developments and filling capacity infrastructure industries can control the growth of information technology.

Minister of Industries and Mines said: industrial development in the industry considers the issue of new industries so that the prediction is at least part of the value-added industries, new industries should be upgraded to 20 percent. Referring to the Mission and Vision for ICT development strategy the country added: "Due to decades of decades of advancing our industry is enjoying the new experts can obtain the highest added value and good investment in scientific infrastructure and creation of employment creation said.

Industries and Mines Minister stressed: if the country’s industrial development strategy was coordinated by the new farmers can not grow and the most important features of industry coordination of these two industry and market changes in daily products to new industries are accessible for consumers and users to demand previously in use Visitors daily changes in information technology coordinator, and grow.

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