Geology and exploration of relationships and extends Bolivia

18 February 2012 | 15:07 Code : 20317 Special News
Looking particularly presidential delegation visits Bolivia Research Center...

Looking particularly presidential delegation visits Bolivia Research Center of Applied Geology and organizations exploration and geology organization country, geological and exploration areas develop relations between the two countries will be provided.

According to the public communication of exploration and geology organization of country hits in the morning and matched in order to develop bilateral relations between the two countries was, and special presidential senior staff from different parts of Bolivia Applied Research Center, Karaj; including marine geology, medicine, Quaternary, Gemology, geophysics, laboratory analysis, mineral samples, energy and ... Visited and closely with the geological activities and organizations in our exploration and geology organization met. This is a reminder that Ross they do, the Minister of Planning and Development and the Bolivian presidential minister has also met with senior officials of Iran’s capabilities and mining industries and fields of our visit the two countries established joint commission will provide said.

Bolivian delegation of experts in production and rural economy sectors, textile, dairy and agricultural machinery are present in two rounds of talks with Minister of Industries and Mines and Mineral guidelines developed industrial relations between Iran and Bolivia will be reviewed. it should be said that; board meeting following the Bolivian minister of mines and industries of our country and the Bolivian president Eva Morales agreed with his country of Iran are seeing.

According to the report calls for Bolivian cooperation of Iran with technology transfer in this country, technical and equipment supply industries in agriculture, food, textiles, geological cooperation, transportation, mining, steel, cement and energy production.

Be noted; recently Presidents participatory agreement the two countries for the exploitation of Bolivia’s mining lithium salt in the lake were also signed.

it should be said that Bolivia has vast mineral resources such as lithium, gold, aluminum, precious stones and gas and state officials willing to cooperate and use of geological and technical experts are exploration and geology organization Iran in order to exploit this abundant wealth, and therefore any interests of both sides of the profit and benefit.

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