Risks of land subsidence in the plains of country is serious

17 December 2010 | 09:16 Code : 20320 Special News
Based on geological and exploration and geology organization ...

Based on geological and exploration and geology organization warned the country risks of land subsidence due to inappropriate harvesting water from underground reserves tables, long plains country with casts serious subsidence risk.

According to the public communication of exploration and geology organization

 and countries, as the custodian of geological studies in the country long to investigate and study the causes and consequences of the occurrence of this phenomenon and discussed in several meetings of the National Committee land subsidence and to protect groundwater resources with representatives Ministry of Energy (Office Groundwater Protection), Ministry of Agricultural Jihad Organization in mapping the country, EPA Meteorological Organization country and the country was held, most of the plains country at risk of subsidence due to inappropriate withdrawal of groundwater reserves diagnosed.

While that protect the groundwater management of water resources management corporation of the Ministry of Energy launched 419 patrol and inspection to detect illicit wells across the country and help determine their exact location device GPS (Global Positioning) with the aim of the physical presence of experts in the areas
with semi-deep wells and deep knowledge of statistics wells, springs and wells flume areas and close to prevent unauthorized and inappropriate harvesting had sent. So that the activity during the past year was about five thousand and seven thousand illegal wells with additional wells is taken to prevent harvesting.

Based on existing laws to reduce the damages caused by subsidence reorganization plan drilling companies in the country and determine the eligibility of about 460 companies and drilling machines for them to protect groundwater management corporation managing water resources is the Ministry of Energy.

Ministry of Energy recently offering smart cards to control this time, water wells to increase life expectancy and the disputes between applicants and companies drilling wells that act accordingly smart card system to help control water and electricity consumed in the wells
document the basis of national water consumption, waste water in the wells to prevent groundwater.

Ministry of Agriculture Water Productivity Management also changed its approach from the water supply needed by farmers to optimize management efficiency, culture and providing guidelines for the optimal use of existing water points and to achieve maximum utilization of current resources is on the agenda.

In this particular formations underground water reserves in good productivity provinces based on legitimate military formation for optimal use of water and hand, experts demand and consumption patterns of national culture on the document addressed to the activities of the farmers according to the rate water for agriculture, culture interests and the appropriate management of ground water reserves, the country as a valuable nature and not as a substance that has a large frequency, attention will.

Organization mapping observations about the phenomenon of land subsidence in the plains country, which began several years ago due to lack of specific funding needed to investigate the subsidence observations did not continue with the good trend. However, 150 stations in the country was established global geodynamics of the data received from the stations to assess issues in the subsidence will be used in case formulation and presentation of programs and strategies to deal with subsidence in the plains and the critical points of subsidence can be ratio to further review the budget request for action.

Measurements based on mapping experts nation wide land area in southern Tehran West Regions 17, 18 and 19 along the ring road in the municipality of Tehran and also to Azeri Between three-way intersection with Highway Azadegan Ayatollah Saeedi (old road Saveh) faced with the phenomenon of subsidence is.

Hand the Environment Protection Agency recently completed about 36 pollutants plain about 11 provinces reported, so that sampling crunchers contaminated groundwater for municipal and industrial pollution study aimed zoning of various pollutants and pollutant modeling in the plains and the proposed plans appropriate to prevent further development of these pollutants, and ultimately developed a draft law to prevent groundwater pollution on the agenda of this organization is located.

Geological studies also suggest that the organization has a wide area of South West of Tehran with an area of about 416 square kilometers with a pattern of regional subsidence phenomenon and the V max rate of about 16 cm in the meeting and formed the subsidence continues.

The researchers organized by the results of geological and exploration and geology organization

country, the phenomenon of earth summit in Tehran sink south logic, mainly from over-harvesting caused by groundwater, while damage to the city water supply facilities, other vital arteries, including the gas pipeline also has encountered serious dangers. In addition to uneven ground caused the subsidence, land south of the city’s vulnerability to flooding has increased sharply.

Comprehensive Study of the organization to this phenomenon is the main determining solutions prevent its spread and to identify long-term strategy to continue studies in collaboration with relevant organizations, especially the Ministry of Energy, the country and mapping organization of Housing and Urban Development, a significant volume of statistics and information the collection is required.

In order to control this phenomenon and reduce potential losses, it is necessary first step as soon as possible to reduce the exploitation of underground water and exercise proper management of water resources need to be done in action, while monitoring vital arteries such as fuel lines, railways, road , power transmission lines in and around the range to reach the stability of subsidence in the area and stop the session is absolutely necessary.

Subsidence Tehran with an area of about 64 / 415 square kilometers in the location 35 degrees and 31 minutes and 21 seconds to 35 degrees and 41 minutes and 36 seconds north latitude and 50 degrees and 58 minutes and 41 seconds to 51 degrees and 22 minutes and 33 seconds east along the south western city of Tehran. The environment area is about 17/97 km.

However, from 1347 to 1382 the number of wells has increased very much, discharge rate decreased, which indicates this reduced flow area due to flume wells and underground water level is reduced.

 According to studies conducted, the thickness of alluvium in the north to over 400 meters and 300 meters to the northwestern part and in parts of North, East, South East and South West Plains, due to rock uplift floor alluvium thickness to less than 25 meters are in the thick clay and how to develop a significant relationship in the range of studies show that the rate of subsidence.

Reduce utilization of groundwater resources, especially in areas with high drop facing to prevent removal of sand in the upstream region and within the range of subsidence due to negative perceptions in the underground water supply, changing patterns of cultivation and methods Modern irrigation such as irrigation, drip and sprinkler, greenhouse cultivation, lack of non-strategic crops or use purified water for irrigation, municipal Wastewater Treatment to reduce the exploitation of ground water and changing water consumption patterns in industry and the use of cycle closed water strategies that can be applied in this field.

If found to be due to continuing excessive groundwater withdrawal, land subsidence city Shahriar, Tehran Province, with an approximate area of 450 square kilometers, is definitive. Research scientists in the organization of geological subsidence phenomenon southwest Tehran in collaboration with other scientific centers and executive to recognize the full dimensions of this phenomenon and provide appropriate solutions to prevent its spread will continue.

Subsidence magnitude with the extent of 500 km and an annual rate of 17 cm, south of Tehran that any river feeding, no more threatening that the map area subsidence in the southern Alborz, plains Varamin Qarchak, Mrdabad, Mhrshhrkrj and Nazarabad Savojbolagh also added to be.

More general decline of groundwater levels and reservoir volume deficit caused to houses being condensed aquifer and aquifer volume reduction benefit by spaces, in a way that appropriately balance the possibility of becoming part of the precipitation in the aquifer would not be possible.

Because we have; continuing illicit exploitation of wells is equal to a national tragedy that all sectors of agricultural, industrial, potable and services targeting the country and can cause long-term crisis and extensive surface and underground water reserves, the country with will face serious challenges.

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