Performance of first five months of exploration and geology organization Of the country contemporary to the Government Week

04 January 2011 | 11:17 Code : 20322 Special News
With the beginning of a week the state geological organizations...

during first 5 months of current year as trustee for exploration of mineral reservoirs &

preparation of geological maps of country. According to public communication of GIS,

this group has emplaced compilation of geological & mineral. Mineral exploration in

provinces, explanation of executive policies for issuing of technical & engineering services of

earth science, review for comprehensive system of management in quality of geological maps,

compilation of plan of programming in human resources, competition of training & investigation

program of organization, following of provincial rules of government group & setting for

suggestive programs of provinces for next courses of government group trips, in its program,

through fulfillment of its aims in various parts during first five months of year 1389.

Based this, through identification of geological environments & preparation of

geological maps in various scales which is regard as one of main governmental purposes

of GSI, preparation of report for zoning maps of earthquake danger & flood of Golestan

province, preparation of hydrogeology report of Hashtgerd Sheets, Khor, Fashand & Tavousieh,

accomplishment of preliminary for report of engineering geological maps of Hashtgerd sheets,

Khor, Fashand & Tavousieh, accomplishment of project of practical geological study of Karaj

city, monthly sampling from selective spring of central Alborz, Supervision of map in scale

of 1:25,000 of engineering geology of Boroujerd, continuing of analysis of survey data of

seismicity of southeast of Caspian Sea, installation & using of seismograph systems in Middle

Zagros, drilling of transaction & continuing of paleoseimology studies in Nayband Region by

attempt of expert in this group.

Also, in department of marine geology projects, systematic survey of benches & water

Zones of the country is doing by priority of continental plateau & recognition of geological

characteristics of bed & under bed of sea from three aspects of geological & mine, sea hazard &

beaches & political & national problems too.

Following & finding potential of gold, copper, iron, lead & zinc, tin & tungsten & REE

& interpretation of aerial geophysic information in Yazd Province, unifying of geological maps

in scale of 1:1000,000 of Kermanshah Province, Preparation of geomorphological map of

Iran, determination of depression rate of varamin Plain & geodynamical studies of Macaran by

means of GPS, determination of slide rate through Dasht-e-Biaz Fault, preparation of map for

middle east & Pervasive system of GDMS are also a part of studies in management of geomatica


Considering exploring new reservoirs of mineral materials of country in various phases

of regional exploration, general followings & prefeasibility by purpose of providing of fields

& needed advantages for job creations, growth & development of country is very necessary

activities of GSI has been accomplished in three exploration phases of regional, following &

general including geochemical, ground geophysical survey, mineral ornament project & mineral

material production gold exploration, exploration of metallic non-metallic material projects,

regional exploration & mapping projects in various areas of the country.

On the other hand, by regarding importance of analysis of mineral samples, experimental

studies & production of mineral material, totally many elementary degradation, equivalent to

56473 samples, have been done in this part.

Center of practical investigation of earth science of GSI, located in Karaj, has paid

to prepare & implant of chromic mine microorganism of Faryab, gold exploration project by

help of nannoparticles in B horizon of the soil, separating project of Arsenic of gold mine

of Zarshuran, plan of gold exploration in Sanandaj-Sirjan zone, making standard of data &

designing & private of first international Atlas of veterinarian geology of the country & first Atlas

for medical geology in province of Chahar Mahal-Bakhtiari, Ardebil, Gillan & Mazandaran,

designing of 5 data bases for experiments.

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