Third time information services to the Web Geological and Mineral Exploration country was allocated

04 February 2012 | 17:47 Code : 20332 Special News
Web sometimes Geological and Mineral Exploration country...

   Third grade of informing services was appropriated to website of geology & mineral exploration of the country.

   Websites of geology & mineral exploration of country in second festival of government websites evaluation, agreed to receive of national prize & gaining of third grade in part of informing service.

    According to report of public communication of GSI this national prize has been gained by attempt of experts of IT in this organization & between 537 government organizations in this festival.

     Dr.Behniafar, secretary of scientific committee of informing council, in ceremony of evaluation of governmental websites which was displayed in hall of international conference of IRIB & he said: 537 government organizations, registered for attending in this festival that growth of 300% in number of attending organizations.

     He reminded by this explanation that present websites were surveyed by 30 major index & 300 minor indices: secretariat of great council of informing, they paid in first step, for accomplishment of their purposes for providing of introduction & study of indices for evaluation & formation of scientific & executive sessions & formational scientific team for compilation of indices & compilation of forms of festival process.

    Behniafar, preparation for convene, broadcasting of T.V advertisement, advertisement by media & press & independent writings to organizations for encourage of presence in festival & also formation of study workgroup & compilation of indices as second & third steps for executive & scientific stags in festival of evaluation of government websites.

    Secretary of scientific committee of informing council said: admission of government organization as fourth step & finally evaluation as fifth step is regarded that number of 50 organizations were selected for semi-final & 9 organizations in 3 electronic informing part, interaction services & financial reaction services. It should be said, website of GSI of the country agreed to gain of third grade in part of electronic informing services.

     Secretarial of informing council was selected & introduced in its special prizes part of comprehensive website, security of website & cherish of Persian language & handwriting in web space too. It should be mentioned that, first festival of evaluation of government websites in level of 87,186 governmental organizations were evaluated in 10 fields & during second festival, 527 governmental organizations were evaluated.



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