The first seminar will be held international medical geology

23 January 2012 | 14:39 Code : 20335 Special News
The first International Seminar on Medical Geology 24 to June 26...

   First international seminar of medical geology represents from 24 to 26 Khordad Month in current year in GSI.

   According to public communication of GSI, engineer Farah Rahmani, scientific secretary of international seminar of medical geology said: this conference is very important from several aspects & considering activities in Iran, in field of objective & regional investigations in our country as agent for medical geology investigations in Middle East Region from international society of medical geology in name of IMGA is accepted.

    He implied to prepare two big atlases & in other words, first global atlases of medical & veterinarian geology in Iran, he explained: atlas of medical geology about prevalence of cancer in the country & first atlas of veterinarian geology & of the country in title of prevalence of shared diseases between human & cattle, considerable for international society of medical geology & many of countries & it has been sent from society of many of countries.

    Kahmani added: bayside of this atlas, preparation of several atlas for prevalence of cattle & human diseases has been done in Province level that it will display in opening ceremony of conference, so first international conference of medical geology is a kind of national proud that is represented for first time, in global level, in Iran.

    He reminded aim of this conference representation as identifying importance of dangers in geogenic factor, correspondent to futures & risk of geological factors & he said: identification & of classification of environmental factor risk, effective in prevalence of diseases with environmental origin is very important & then identification of prevalence of all of chronic & a cure & microbial that can have directly or indirectly impact in health of human & animals will be regarded in this conference.

    Secretary of international seminar of medical geology reminded that: identification of effective factors in prevalence of chronic diseases like heart diseases, veins, breath, blood circular system, all of cancer, share diseases between human & cattle, infectious disease with environmental origin, microbial disease, parasite & virus, identification of impression of subnutritious & rare earth elements in natural environment based on natural composition of the earth & long time impression on health factors of vital societies will be surveyed.

    It should be said this conference is represented by attempt of international society of medical geology, center of investigation for digestion & liver diseases, national commission of UNESCO in Iran, Tehran University & Shiraz University, UNESCO Organization, geological group, deputy of health in hygiene ministry, center of cancer investigations & institute of nuclear science & technics in geology & mineral exploration organization.

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