Proper development of economic performance in 88 years

01 January 2011 | 04:09 Code : 20348 Special News
Undoubtedly, Iran’s economy according to economic conditions...

Undoubtedly, Iran’s economy according to economic conditions prevailing in the world, one of the strongest practices in this field has shown.

Public Relations Geological and exploration of mineral country of Shiraz, Shams al-Din Hosseini, Minister of Economy and Finance in the Congress Alliance Capital in Iran spoke expressed the above added: "Despite the reduced prices on the global stage, the value of non-oil exports of 10 percent index, 58 percent of the total stock volume of exports and 35 percent growth is shown.

He then added: "We request that the House bill proposed by the Government upon the implementation of Article 5 of Article 44 of the Constitution that the limitations on investments in the country reduces adopted sooner.



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