establishment o geological website of Iran in attempt of portal experts in GSI

09 January 2012 | 14:05 Code : 20387 Special News
Website of the ambition geological geological experts and...

Contemporary to 30th anniversary of big victory of Islamic revolution: establishment o geological website of Iran in attempt of portal experts in GSI.

Website of geology in Iran starts to work in attempt of experts of GSI portal, contemporary to 30th anniversary of big victory of Islamic Republic of Iran.

According to report of republic communication & mineral exploration of the country ,engineer Arash Membeini Abolfath, manger of portal in this organization announced from establishment of website of geology of Iran in geological & mineral exploration organization of the country & he said: this website is active currently in three parts of stratigraphy paleontology & fault of Iran & it will be completed near to scientific & special parts, related to geology.

He remind by explaining this matter that paleontology part is classified into five total parts, vertebrate, invertebrate, flora, unicellulars & trace fossils: each department is separated based on fossil subclassification & various periods of geology & it directs user toward dependant information to each fossil.

Mombeini named feasibility of study of Iran formation in era & various periods of geology with position of locating of type section of the formation on Iran map with rehearsal of complete information of structural zone of our country as present capabilities in stratigraphic part of this website.

Manger of portal of GSI, explained that user in department of Iran Faults pay attention to fundaments of strike-slip, normal & reverse mechanisms & he explained: by selection of each of these faults on the map, more than receive of information like trend, length & related earthquakes to faults, feasibility of examining of historical & machinery earthquakes & of Iran & classification of them exists in terms of magnitude & earthquake & location of its occurrence on the map.

He introduced earthquake as one of dangerous phenomena on the earth that it is fountain of propagation of destroyer waves, abrupt activity of faults & releasing of accumulated energy in rocks & he asses: by recognition of seismic fountain of past earthquakes, rather than physical binding & a time between faults & earthquakes will be informed & we will find a way to how to anticipation, prevention & declining of its jeopardizes.  

Ablofath mentioned importance of stratigraphy science in various fields of earth science for example economical in geology, drilling in petroleum & water reservoirs & exploration of sedimentary are deposits & determination of relative age of mineral veins in determination of history of earth events & he said: stratigraphy is related to all of geological sciences & it has close relation in characterization of relative age of rocks, justification of  tectonic changes of sediments, biological correlation, recognition of weather in past periods of the earth & paleogeography, evolution of plants & animals & using of fossils in oil industry.

Manger of portal of GSI of the country, reminded suitable informing of geological data of Iran as most important aim of establishment of mentioned website & he said: due to position of tree of comprehensive part & concentrated information among internet data in geological portal of GSI, decided to remove this shortage in a site under title of geology of Iran.

It should be said that currently this site is located by internet address of in stratigraphy, fossil & faults parts available for interested people & investigator in field of earth science in the country.



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