Avnel Gold Mining Ltd. and Corvus Gold Inc. Under Current Evaluation

01 May 2011 | 04:20 Code : 20587 Geoscience events
Equedia.com and The Equedia Weekly Letter provides research on the top Canadian...

Equedia.com and The Equedia Weekly Letter provides research on the top Canadian companies with a focus on mining and resource stocks. Equedia is continuing research and evaluation on the prospects of Avnel Gold Mining Ltd. (TSX: AVK) and Corvus Gold Inc. (TSX: KOR). To be further notified of our updates on these companies and special report editions through the Equedia Weekly letter, please obtain your free subscription here: Many companies previously featured in our special report editions have hit new 52 - week highs since the initiation of our coverage and many companies under evaluation have made strong gains since being placed under evaluation. To receive these reports, please make sure to subscribe for your complimentary subscription to Equedia Weekly here: Here is a brief excerpt from one of our latest newsletters with our story, "We’re Taking Over": "The more investment demand into silver by retail investors, the less the metal price can be manipulated. This scenario was very apparent last week when Goldman and other big name firms called for a sharp pullback. This caused both gold and silver to open the week in a slump, only to bounce back to new highs. We are now in a market where the demand for these precious metals investments has gotten so large that it is becoming harder and harder for the big name firms to mess with our markets. The investors are taking over. On Friday, Goldman came said: "Mounting downside risks to current exceptionally high crude oil prices are leading us to recommend an underweight allocation to commodities on a 3 to 6-month horizon, but we maintain an overweight on a 12-month horizon on tightening fundamentals over the next year." What does that even mean? I’ll tell you what it means. It means..." To continue reading and receive your next free edition of Equedia Weekly, please subscribe by going to http://equedia.com/equediaweekly/ and visit http://equedia.com/blog/view.php/Were-Taking-Over/ for a copy of this edition. You should also visit www.equedia.com to gain access to insider information, analyst ratings, videos, corporate coverage, financials, and in-depth stock charts for the above mentioned companies. Shareholders are also asked to assist our staff by providing us more details on your knowledge of the above-mentioned companies as we put them under evaluation. By registering through www.equedia.com, you can upload your findings and attach them to the respective companies under their corporate landing page.

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