Indian iron ore mining mess - Over 40 mines operating in Goa sans mandatory

23 August 2011 | 05:20 Code : 20750 Geoscience events
The Public Accounts Committee constituted by the Goa State Legislative Assembl....

The Public Accounts Committee constituted by the Goa State Legislative Assembly has collected data, which confirms that large quantity of ore was tapped by firms without proper mining permissions in the state’s forest rich rural talukas.The Manohar Parrikar led PAC has gathered that of the 70 mines in Sattari, Sanguem and Quepem talukas, total 41 operated without permission under various forest laws, as they were operating close to green areas.They had failed to get mandatory NOC under Forest Clearance Act and also certificate from Chief Wildlife wardens, and also under the Air and Water Pollution Control Act, the documents indicate.The Committee has also come across several mines which have exceeded its permissible limit of ore extraction.A senior PAC member said that during last three years almost 98 lakh metric tones of Iron Ore was illegally consigned abroad from these mines evading royalty to the state government.A rough estimate of the data collected from State Forest department and State Mines and Geology department has revealed that almost 30% of the ore was illegally extracted in the state.A senior member estimating that 45 million tones of ore is exported on an average said that "That means almost 15 million tonnes of ore is extracted illegally through various mining leases.”

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