A One-day Workshop on Geological Hazards & Their Potentials

17 October 2011 | 15:28 Code : 20816 Special News
According to public relations of Geological Survey of Iran, at the week of “Reducing....

According to public relations of Geological Survey of Iran, at the week of “Reducing the Impacts of Natural Disasters” a one-day workshop entitled Geological Hazard & their Potentials was held in Mamasani and Rostam Township, in the GSI southern center, in Shiraz.This workshop was held with the assistant of the governor of Mamasani, and the Office of Disaster Management of this region, and with the presence of managers, officials, technical experts, members of Mining Engineering and Civil Organizations, Geological teachers and instructors. Emphasizing the necessity of understanding the earth as a cradle of human societies and human progres, Mr. Tahmores Yousefi, Director General of the GSI southern center, evaluated the structural and tectonic situation of Mamasani, and due to the earthquakes top rank of this township in Fars Province, he asked the officials and managers to pay more attention to establishing a culture for safety standards.  “Fortunately, a comprehensive study has been carried out by the geological survey of Iran and also the Hazards Management of Fars Province especially in Noorabad Township“said Yousefi, referring to the human societies approach to the use of information for increasing knowledge.He also stressed the ease of access to this information and presenting them in the website of the Management of the Geological and Mineral Exploration in the South, and called attention to utilizing such information in infrastructure projects. Indicating the mission of his organization as the custodian of the geological activities and geological hazards in Iran, the director general of the Geological and Mineral Exploration in the South announced his organization is prepared to holding such workshops in the region, and added: Holding these workshops indicates the regional managements’ determination in order to increase the public awareness, safety and lifestyle of people, for augmentation and growth of which, managers of different sectors should cooperate.

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