Lake Urmia under the magnifying glass of the GSI

17 October 2011 | 15:31 Code : 20817 Special News
GSI is studying the crisis of the Lake Urmia both scientifically and functionally...

GSI is studying the crisis of the Lake Urmia both scientifically and functionally, based on the modern geological findings and surveying the return periods of drought. “The Geological Survey of Iran, as the organization that is in charge of the studies and surveys on the natural hazards in Iran, has started a survey on the drought of the Lake Urmia based on the modern and efficient geological results.” noted Reza Jadidi, head of the Public Relations Dept. of the GSI. Pointing out to a professional working group that has been seriously working to find causes and reasons of the drought of this lake, and proper strategies to prevent its developing trend, Jadidi declared: After confirmation of the findings, we will begin to inform the adjacent provinces of Urima and send them the documentations. Having reassured that the crisis of the Urmia Lake is able to be revised and modified, the head of Public Relation Dept. of GSI added that many other organizations and institutions have presented the results of their research and their suggestions, and GSI, prior to scientifically investigation, is intending to announce a comprehensive and applicable viewpoint in the near future.

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