The Strategic Council for Hazards; the Think Tank and Intellect of the GSI

19 October 2011 | 13:40 Code : 20819 Special News
According to public relation of GSI, Dr. Hamid Nazari, chairman of the Strategic Council for....

According to public relation of GSI, Dr. Hamid Nazari, chairman of the Strategic Council for Hazards stated: “Combining higher committees and specialized workgroups, this council has successfully organized several discussion meetings aiming to achieve optimal convergence with researches of different branches of geo-hazards in some cases such as earthquake, climate and marine geology, landslide, flood and environmental geology.”

Nazari mentioned that the Strategic Council for Hazards was the executive part of GSI and added: Approved projects of different workgroups are referred to this council, and the council precedes their execution one by one, regarding the macro objectives of the GSI and needs of the country according to their priority.

He stated that: The Strategic Council for Hazards was the think tank and intellect of the GSI in order to guide and carry out studies on natural hazards, with respect to a safe society. This council is in charge of investigating the GSI activities and methods of reaching to the new branch of geological hazards, for this purpose predicting the required labor and staff training is necessary.

Nazari believed that drawing and processing the strategy of his organization in geohazards to be one of the main purposes of the foundation of this council, and added: Recognizing the required scientific, research and laboratory strength of the organization, offering strategies for better convergence, avoiding parallel work, and better utilization of all subordinate units in implementation of their researches are considered as the main purposes for establishment of  the Strategic Council for Hazards.

Regarding the responsibilities of his council Nazari said: Currently a group of experts are determining the vision, mission and purpose of the council based on the hardware and software conditions of the GSI department in dealing with natural events in the country.

According to the chairman of the Strategic Council for Hazards, management of procedure design will be on the agenda including preparation of the 5-year, 2-year and annual plan of the Geological Survey of Iran in dealing with geo-hazards, according to the different research groups, physical and financial power, and temporary variables such as unexpected events.  He added: The council is comprised of specialized staff in different yet related branches with geo-hazards, aiming to determine the ability of study-reseach of the organization according to the recent needs of the country.

Nazari subjected the membership to the scientific capability and proficiency and management reputation in project implementation and risk control, and said: The members’ official position did not play any role in the selection process, and there is a workgroup for each geo-hazard branch including experts and execution representatives and specialized personnel with real character.

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