Nowruz's message: Dr. Razyeh Lak, Deputy Minister and Director of the Geological Survey of Iran

25 March 2018 | 00:00 Code : 22978 Special News
Nowruz's message: Dr. Razyeh Lak, Deputy Minister and Director of the Geological Survey of Iran





Spring, season of flourishing, season of rising, green season is the season of evolution and flutter with wings of love and hope. When spring comes, its peak song is heard every. Hopes flourish and grudges are forgotten.

Iran is a world with borders; land of four seasons that places various kinds of climates in its widespread and presents the happiness to its people, and this is a blessing for the Iranians God. Congratulations to the good hearted people of Iran.

In the past year, the Geological Survey of Iran has witnessed a change at its leadership. Thanks to the efforts made by previous Directors, I pray to God Almighty for health and success of all the directors in the service and prosperity of Iran.

Activities in geology and mineral exploration divisions in the country, despite the various limitations, have achieved acceptable results. Preparation and publication of “Atlas of Iran's Minerals Potentials based on the types of deposits” and “thematic atlases of geological maps” that will include valuable geological and exploratory information for experts and investors in the mining sector, performing various geological projects, exploration of mineral resources and deposits in mineral prospecting areas of the country, conducting studies on water resources crisis, providing solutions and moving toward finding karst water resources as well as effective studies on geological hazards such as earthquakes, landslides, subsidence, and containment and monitoring strategies was done in Geological Survey of Iran in 1396.

Starting new scientific cooperation in the international level and signing several documents and agreements on cooperation with different countries of the world in order to advance the country's goals and missions in the mines sector and explore new mineral reserves along with environmental considerations with the goal of sustainable development of other cases carried out by high-impact specialists was done in Geological Survey of Iran.


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