Meeting of Iranian Officials and Foreign Ambassadors

20 July 2018 | 00:00 Code : 23067 Special News
Meeting of Iranian Officials and Foreign Ambassadors

Dr Razieh Lak spoke about Geoparks and developing sustainable tourism in a meeting with country leaders and foreign representatives participating in the Islamic Republic of Iran in Hamadan as the capital of tourism in Asian countries.

Sustainable tourism, while preserving and expanding opportunities for the future, will provide needs of the host cities in the area, and resource management and tourism development should be carried out in such a way that, along with the provision of economic, social, cultural, and essential environmental processes , Biodiversity systems.

Geopark is an adequate area including sites and rare geological phenomena that enhance presence of significant natural, historical and cultural attractions.

To create a geopark, special requirements, such as community involvement and cooperation in the field of executive administration are strategies for training, protection and empowerment of local people, planning for economic self-sufficiency.

Geological Survey of Iran is the most experienced organization in Middle East, for studies with a privileged position at the UNESCO World Geospatial Council, as well as regional status in the Middle East and Southwestern Asia.

Alvand intrusive bodies, Alvand cacheads, Simin valley in the southeast of Alvand, the variety of folds, faults and structural phenomena along with natural situtation of granite rocks brought together a number of valuable geological phenomena in Hamedan province.

Signing a Memorandum of Understanding between Hamedan Chamber of Commerce and the World Assembly of Silk Road Cities was another part of the meeting between Iranian authorities and ambassadors other countries.



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