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28 June 2004 | 07:22 Code : 3810 Geoscience events
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Yazd Ancient Map to Be Printed Soon

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TEHRAN, June 25 (CHN) -Following Iran's Higher Education Ministry and French National Scientific Research Center (CNRS) agreement to conduct studies in Yazd Province, two French experts just finished the first phase of their re- search project.
   The unprecedented four-year
   study is aimed at identifying Iran's ancient areas and its varied geo- logical periods and at examining its biological features to gather some information on the nation's bio- anthropology.
   "Since Iran's Plateau dates back to the 4th geological periods, we have tried to find related relics in some areas of the province, especially in its caves," said Professor Gilles Berillon, French expert on ancient studies. He added that the team has outlined the ancient map of Yazd Province during its first phase of studies, leading to the discovery that the province has had two different terrains, i.e. one near the river banks and the other near caves. The team has managed to identify over 120 caves in the project



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