<P dir=ltr align=left><STRONG>3.5 Tons of pure Gold Extracted From Mouteh</STRONG></P>

29 June 2004 | 16:24 Code : 3817 Geoscience events
<P dir=ltr align=left>Mining industry official said here on Sunday that some 3.210 kilograms of pure gold...</P>

3.5 Tons of pure Gold Extracted From Mouteh<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


Mining industry official said here on Sunday that some 3.210 kilograms of pure gold have been extracted from the Mouteh Gold Mine since 1993. adding that the amount will reach 3.5 tons by March 2005.

   Ali Asghar Pourmand, deputy head of the Iran Mineral Production and Procurement Company for exploration affairs. put the purity rate of gold extracted from the Mouteh Mine at 99.5 percent.

   The official further said that some $16 million have been invested in the project. stressing that the extracted gold has been sold for $30 million. :

   Pourmand said that Iranian engineers and experts have ~ implemented the Mouteh Gold Mine development project and that an Australian company only built a gold ingot- manufacturing factory.

   He said the Mouteh gold sells for $12.500 per kilo adding that the mine and its factory are under state-control. s Private Iranian companies will reportedly be allowed to work in seven gold-rich areas across Iran from March t- 2005.

   Australian. British and Spanish companies are currently engaged in conducting feasibility studies as well as implementing gold exploration projects in Iran. Three grams of gold can be extracted from each ton of gold ore.



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