Groundwater study getting weekend boost

15 September 2004 | 13:09 Code : 4254 Geoscience events
Homeowners can mix business with pleasure this weekend by verifying information on their wells at Old Home Days.
Homeowners can mix business with pleasure this weekend by verifying information on their wells at Old Home Days.
Residents can visit the Conservation Commission’s tent at the event to mull over well reports with information like well depth, geology and water level.
Bill Beauregard told the Board of Selectmen on Monday night about the town’s participation in the pilot groundwater study to be conducted by the state Department of Environmental Services. Beauregard has been volunteering as a town liaison to the DES to iron out the details of how the study will be carried out.The Hollis Ground Water Study, the first of its kind in the state, will allow homeowners to get their well water tested for a reduced rate in exchange for sharing the test results with DES.
Although the DES has more than 1,200 Hollis well reports, many are missing a street location.
By providing information like lot numbers and drill dates to verify well reports this weekend, Hollis homeowners could qualify for the study and get a price break on well-water testing from the state.
Beauregard compared the importance of well testing to annual blood tests. Beauregard said well testing allows homeowners to learn about the chemical makeup of the water supply to their home.
By making the test results available to DES, homeowners would help the state create a database of information on the town’s water supply. According to a fact sheet on the water study, the database would allow DES to monitor levels of components such as fluoride, radon and methane and would provide a baseline for future comparison.
Beauregard said the DES hopes to replicate the study town by town throughout the state to create an even broader database.
According to the fact sheet, which will be available at Old Home Days, wells would be assigned an identification number and homeowners’ names and addresses would not be identified in the study.
To verify well reports, homeowners are asked to bring the information they have on their wells to Old Home Days. More information on the water study will be available at the event and at Town Hall.

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