Evidence of tectonic plate shifts in Sumatra to avoid massive natural calamity in 2012 – Extraterrestrial UFO influence

25 April 2005 | 12:33 Code : 4987 Geoscience events
Sumatra region has seen under water earthquakes, Tsunami, landslides in massive scale in the last four months.
Sumatra region has seen under water earthquakes, Tsunami, landslides in massive scale in the last four months. Add to that the recent volcanic eruptions and threatening repeat of mega volcano 74,000 years back in Toba, now you know what is coming in 2012. The simultaneous polar shifts in the earth and the sun as well alignment of some numerous planets in line between earth and sun will make 2012 the most probable year for massive natural calamities. According to researchers, the natural disasters has started happening already with Tsunamis, earthquakes, land slides. Recent satellite images when modeled with a computer simulation model, shows slow but steady tectonic shifts in the reverse direction to avoid the same pressure build ups that caused the volcano 74,000 years back. The simulation shows a systematic counter force shifting tectonic plate pressure to avoid the volcano. There are strange lights at night above these regions reported by sailors and locals. These are electromagnetic flux that is being applied to the tectonic plates. The scientists and geologists are convinced that the extraterrestrials are trying to fight the imminent natural disaster. According to computer models, somewhere near Toba, along the fault line there may be another super volcano getting ready for eruption. 3.1 mile sinking of Indo-Australian plate under the Eurasian Plate in the last 74,000 years has created enough magma for a super volcano. The recent series of volcanoes in that area have increased the level of alarm. If Toba or along Toba the volcanic eruption take place, it can bring the human civilization to its knees. This has the potential 3000 cubic Kilometer of eruption. That can be so devastating that earth may experience a drop in temperature of 30degrees Fahrenheit for many years. It can actually larger than the one Toba experienced 74,000 years back. Last time it wiped out almost 75% of all living beings on the land surface on the earth.

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