Preparing geological maps of 1:25,000 by scientific supervision of GSI, proper field for construction and development of country

09 November 2005 | 06:36 Code : 5280 Special News
The project of preparing the geological maps on scale of 1:25,000 has been established since...

GSI News Section - The project of preparing the geological maps on scale of 1:25,000 has been established since this year by holding the training courses for the geologists of GSI.
This project has been programmed in order to prepare the perfect and proved base data of geology with functional scale for research-constructional projects of the country, according to Dr.M.R Ghasemi, the geology deputy of GSI.
Dr.Ghasemi said: "Holding the training and specialized courses is necessary for start of the executive operation in this project. These training courses will be held in 5 groups of regional geology, engineering and environmental geology, economic geology, GIS and remote sensing, taking part more than 120 M.Sc experts of five fold centers of small-towns and Tehran center".
He added:" 29 geological maps of 1:25,000 are prepared in urban regions current year and also this kind of maps will be prepared by the private sector later. So, the same training courses will be held for the private sector in future to present the methods for preparing these maps".
Dr.Jalil Ghalamghash, the manager of regional geology affairs of GSI described that the geological maps of 1:25,000 have prepared of 6 thematic maps of :1-
  regional geology map.2-economic geology map.3-engineering geology map.4-seismotectonic map.5-environmental geology map.6-engineering geomorphology and geological hazards map that will be prepared the total or some of them, considering urban or exploration priorities. These maps are surveyed by application of sat data and
airborne photos by specialized groups and displayed in GIS digitally.

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