New Kimberlite Intrusion Discovered at the Monument Project in Canada's NWT

30 July 2005 | 16:56 Code : 5459 Geoscience events
TORONTO and LONDON, July 6 /CNW/ - SouthernEra Diamonds Inc. (TSX: SDM; AIM: SRE) today announced the discovery of a new kimberlite intrusion named the DD-42 East Dike on the Monument Project in Canada's Northwest Territories

During the spring geophysical program exploration crews surveyed five grids at the project site, completing 117 line-kilometers of detailed ground magnetics and 97 line-kilometers of detailed horizontal loop electromagnetic (HLEM) surveys. These surveys generated a new level of detail in the geophysics to assist in preparations for diamond drilling.

Diamond drilling focused in an area near the DD-42 kimberlite pipe and six diamond drill holes were completed for a total 513.6 meters. Drill testing of a linear HLEM conductor and magnetic response intersected the DD-42 East Dike, a new sub-vertical hypabyssal kimberlite dike likely related to the DD-42 kimberlite pipe.

The kimberlite dike was tracked for 250 meters along strike and intersected in three drill holes with intercepts ranging from 0.65 to 3.0 meters. Mineral chemistry and petrology will be conducted to characterize this new kimberlite intrusion. Another drill hole targeted the DD-42 kimberlite pipe and successfully intercepting kimberlite over 42.5 meters from a depth of 55.5 to 98 meters. The core from this hole has been split and submitted for microdiamond and kimberlite mineralogy studies.

Kimberlites containing diamonds are known to exist on the Monument Property, and include three kimberlite pipes (DD-17, DD-39 and DD-42) and one kimberlite dyke (DD2002). Core from the newly discovered DD-42 East Dike will now be analysed for diamonds. All kimberlites require further sampling and modern processing to improve confidence in microdiamond data, mineral chemistry and kimberlite geology. Bulk sampling has not occurred on any kimberlites from the Monument Property. The kimberlites of the Monument Property are part of the Lac de Gras cluster, and occur within 40 kilometers of both the Ekati Diamond Mine (operated by BHPBilliton) and Diavik Diamond Mines Ltd. (operated by Rio Tinto), which together produce a significant percentage of the world's diamond production.

A review of kimberlite indicator mineral geochemistry with modern techniques has found that kimberlite DD-17 likely sampled significant lherzolite from the diamond window of lithosphere beneath Lac De Gras. The Nimis and Taylor Single Grain Clinopyroxene Thermobarometer (2001) was used to make this determination. Diamond stability field chrome spinel, a small eclogitic component and a moderate number of G10 garnets also complement DD- 17's mineral chemistry. Through this modern assessment of DD-17 mineral chemistry interest in this kimberlite has increased. A further review of the microdiamond data will now be conducted. In addition, new diamond drilling is required to collect microdiamond data to establish a diamond distribution curve for DD-17 and to log core with attention to the possibility of multiple kimberlite phases. The diamond drill used in the spring campaign is currently preparing to proceed with this drilling to test the DD-17 kimberlite pipe during July.

The Monument project is owned 22.11% by SouthernEra Diamonds Inc, 57.49% by New Nadina Explorations Ltd, and 20.4% by Archon Minerals Ltd. The project is operated by New Nadina and supervised by Mr. K. R. Kivi, P.Geo., an independent Qualified Person under National Instrument 43-101. Mr. Kivi has reviewed the content of this news release

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