Mining deputy of Ministry of Industry and Mines : %10 growth in minerals extraction current year

30 July 2005 | 14:54 Code : 5463 Geoscience events
GSI News Section- Dr. Hedayatollah Aqaee, the mining deputy of Ministry of Industry ...

GSI News Section- Dr. Hedayatollah Aqaee, the mining deputy of Ministry of Industry and Mines announced in the inauguration ceremony of the gold extraction plant of Pooyazarkan, Takab that amount of minerals exploited in the country mines will reach 160m tons present year increasing %10 although it has been 150m tons previous year.

"Nowadays, the share of the industry and mine sector is %12 of total national impure production that the extracted minerals is at least %7 of it and the share of minerals exploited in domestic impure production is just 1.5 percent although more than %70 of factories need this amount and the parliament and government have considered the domestic reserves to develop the country during plannings due to especial role of minerals in plants production", he said.

Dr. Aqaee stated that at present, the capacity of steel and copper production is nearly 12 million tons and 200,000 tons respectively that would reach 20 m tons and 350,000 tons during the forth plan. Also,  the capacity of 200,000 tons of Al will be added more that three times and the production of pb and Zn will reach more than 200,000 tons too during next 5 years and the capacity of Au is 1 ton in public sector now that will reach 2 tons during the forth plan and the share of the private sector is increased by 4 tons a year too.

"The government has provided the investment fields and then should be considered attraction of investor", said the mineral deputy of Ministry of Industry and Mines.

He explained that the especial staff should be inaugurated in Takab in the mine and mineral productions sector due to so high underground reserves to use the services and facilities of foreign exchange reserves fund moreover investor attraction.

"The amount of the country investment in the mine and mineral industries sector is 2000 billion rials and %25 added values of the country is caused of the industry and mine sector that the role of mineral industries is important in added value development by investment progress", Dr. Aqaee said.

He finally added that the export amount of minerals and its productions has been %26 of total non-oil export of the country last year that will reach %30 current year increasing 10 percent of the mineral productions export of the country every year. 
(Translated by M. Ameri)

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