Receipt of technical and base data becomes easy for optimal management of the country land reserves by engineering geology maps and environmental maps of big cities of the country

01 February 2012 | 14:27 Code : 5624 Special News
GSI News Group: Reporting the public relations of Geological Survey of Iran...
GSI News Group: Reporting the public relations of Geological Survey of Iran," Engineering geology and environmental maps are prepared in the country and completion of field surveys and analysis of engineering geology data of centers of the provinces and big cities has been established since 1992 goaling preparing maps on scale of 1:50000 to compile technical and base data of the considered areas by experts of GSI and is in progress now", Eng. Farhad Ansari,manager of engineering geology and environmental group said.

"The existing maps can be applied by the experts that take part in activities involved to designing, made and reserves management and the optimum application of land to access to proper ways and spend the least cost as there is coordination between their activities to environment and don’t damage together".

He said that the existing data in these maps include characteristics and classification of rock and soil units of different regions of the country and is studied water problems, environmental condition and morphology involved to any area. The field activities involved to preparing map of almost 16 centers of province and big cities of the countries has been finished and the maps of some cities will be completed during next months after cartography stage and preparing maps involved to other provinces will be started soon.


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