Recognition of 20-fold zones finished in Iran

18 February 2012 | 17:03 Code : 5757 Special News
Recognition of twenty-fold zones has been finished in the country ...

Recognition of twenty-fold zones has been finished in the country and minerals prospect stage will be started until end of the current year.
Eng. Behrouz Borna,manager of exploration affair of Geological Survey of Iran said:" Programming has been accomplished on twenty-fold zones of the country to establish exploration of 600 prospect areas that most of the minerals are gold and base metals such as: Au, Pb, Zn, Cu and Sn ".
"Twenty-fold zones form nearly one third of our country earth that is an area with 450,000 km2 and there are these areas in 12 provinces such as: West Azarbayjan, East Azarbayjan, Kordestan, Mazandaran, Gilan, Markazi, Tehran, Kerman and Esfahan".
Eng Borna stated that study of Karaj-Damavand zone is in progress in Tehran in order to explore the base metals and exploration of gold index is being accomplished in Pasghaleh. Previous studies have been accomplished on the index almost 40 years ago but it wasn’t continued because its amount wasn’t considerable and located in urban area.
He added: "The index included of cu vein that has a little amount of gold, so; its extraction isn’t economic.
He said finally that some mines will be exploited until end of the forth plan.


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