Ahmadabad Molybdenum reserve exploited

01 February 2012 | 15:15 Code : 6060 Special News
Reporting the public relations of the Geological Survey of Iran, Eng. Baqer Dorri, manger for metallic ...
Simultaneously with the execution of exploration activities in the country\’s twenty zones, Ahmadabad molybdenum and Piranshahr gold were exploited.
Eng. Baqer Dorri, the Geological Survey of Iran\’s manger for metallic exploration group, in an interview announced that" About one-third of the country\’s exploration zones, have undergone metallic exploration activities ,and more than 25 metallic promising areas have been recognized and introduced." The most important of which are Ahmadabad and Piranshahr. He further added that piranshahr gold outcrop has more than one km length an 15m thickness and 1/5 to 17 ppm gold.
He declared that 1:2000, 1:5000 maps of Ahmadabad molybdenum reserve had been completed and its 1:100,000 geological maps were at final stage.
Along with the drawn up exploration strategy this group has had close cooperation with geomatics and airborne geophysics group to conduct exploration activities in Kurdistan, Damghan and south Khorassan.

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