Isfahan steel company receives distinction in product quality

13 November 2005 | 02:01 Code : 6353 Geoscience events
Isfahan steel complex has received a "permit of distinction in product quality," the company public ...
Isfahan steel complex has received a "permit of distinction in product quality," the company public relations department reported here Wednesday.
The permit was granted to commemorate national day of quality and is based on the European product quality evaluation model.
The permit was granted to 12 manufacturing concerns out of 179 companies operating in the country.
The products produced by the Isfahan steel complex are of better quality compared to its foreign counterparts in addition to expansion of exports by the company in the international markets are among the factors which have underpinned the success of the company in the recent years, it added.
Over dlrs 100 million of steel products will be exported by the end of current Iranian year (started March 21), the company Public Relations Department reported.
Steel exports has been on the rise in recent years. The company exported over dlrs 77 million in the last Iranian year.
The factory has produced 19.6 million tons of final products to the market.
The production of steel in the company is slated to top 4.7 million tons in four years.
Iran's steel exports should reach as high as 10 million tons/year by next four years to help the country have a successful presence in the field.
Iran has a meager one percent share in the world steel production, making it inevitable to push up the exports, he added.
Steel production target has been set at 14 million tons and could top 25-30 million tons with the implementation of the country's development plans, he added.
Iran produces only eight million tons of the product per year and has to import five to six million tons annually.


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