5 More Satellites Will be Launched

21 November 2005 | 02:36 Code : 6442 Geoscience events
Iran is planning to launch five new satellites during the Fourth Five-Year Plan (2005-2010), said ...
Iran is planning to launch five new satellites during the Fourth Five-Year Plan (2005-2010), said the head of Iran’s Aerospace Organization here on Wednesday.
   According to ISNA, Ahmad Taleb-Zadeh told reporters that Iran’s first satellite, Sina-1, which was launched last month, is now functioning properly in space.
   “However the Zohreh satellite project has faced certain problems regarding insurance and bank guarantees the Iranian side has demanded from its Russian partner,“ he said, adding that the Iranian side is hoping to have the problems facing the Zohreh satellite contract resolved by next week.
   He said Mesbah satellite has been transferred to the launching station and expressed hope that it will be launched into space in the near future.
   “A small satellite (like Mesbah) needs a larger one to be launched,“ he said, adding that launching of Mesbah has been delayed.
   He said Iran will file for compensations if the delay in completing the Mesbah project takes three to six months.
   Sina-1 is the first Iranian satellite built jointly with Russia. It was launched from Polstesk space base in Murmansk province in northwestern Russia last month.
   The satellite will be used mainly for telecommunication purposes and taking photographs of the earth.
   It can be used to study natural disasters, resources and farmlands and can transmit and receive a limited range of information on VHF and UHF frequencies.
   Iran’s national flag and map including the Persian Gulf are painted on the exterior of the satellite.

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