Geotourism Attractions of Iran in Academic Books of World

13 December 2005 | 07:38 Code : 6632 Special News
The geotourism attractions of Iran were written in academic books of the world, publishing the World Geotourism Book and ...
The geotourism attractions of Iran were written in academic books of the world, publishing the World Geotourism Book and allocation of fifth section of this book to Iran.
Reporting the Public Relations of the Geological Survey of Iran, Eng. Alireza Amrikazemi, administrator of geotourism project of this organization described: "I introduced this new field of tourism, representing an article named Introduction of Iran Geotourism during holding a conference in Australia in 2002 that it was interesting from the viewpoint of attendants in the conference fortunately, so;university professors of Australia requested bilateral cooperation to develop this field after giving a speech by Prof. Davling and Dr. Newsam".
"They suggested to writte a book in this field to be introduced this course of tourism in the world better, so; the fifth section of the book allocated to Iran that Abbas Mehrpouya, author, translator and professor of university and me finished writing the section allocated to Iran that its text was written by me and translated by Abbas Mehrpouya"he continued.
Eng. Amrikazemi stated that collection of data and writing text of the book and also more recognition of geology phenomena existing in Iran was established since 2002 until the topics was prepared by cooperation of 21 other writers of all over the world in 2005 finally.
The administrator for the geotourism project of GSI said that in preface of the book, the geotourism has been described basically and then represented some examples and more complete explanations about geotourism and its unique phenomena across the world that the fifth section studies geotourism potentials of Iran utterly.
He described: "This book will publish 2006 in England and teach as academic book of tourism courses in England and Australia universities".
He reminded that editors of the book changed the name of Fars Gulf to Gulf that they had to deter it due to serious warning of Mr.Mehrpouya and me based on omission of the section if this name changes.
He said": Unesco announced formally that the geological survey of all countries recognize and introduce geoparks existing in their country since 2000, therefore; Iran was included in the first countries that started activity in this regard but it has been implemented in GSI as a subsidiary work not official because there wasn’t enough budget for it although it has had remarkable achievements".
"Progress of this field should be accomplished by cooperation between GSI and the Environment Organization and the Cultural Heritage Organization as administrators of this major" he uttered.
Finally, Eng. Amrikazemi explained that there are beautiful geology phenomena in our country more than many countries but up to now haven’t been protect and extract well.


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