Productive aquifers in Pangasinan bared

05 February 2006 | 03:59 Code : 7828 Geoscience events
Such water-bearing levels or strata of permeable sand, gravel, or rock are most suitable...

Such water-bearing levels or strata of permeable sand, gravel, or rock are most suitable for shallow tube well(STW) development, said four researchers of the Mariano Marcos State University.Currently headed by lady president Dr. Miriam Edulian-Pascua, MMSU is a multi-campus university in Ilocos Norte whose seat of administration is in the main campus in Batac town.Started in July 1999 and completed in 2005, the MMSU study done by Rodel Utrera, Nathaniel Alibuyog, Rodolfo Natividad and Reynold Caoili was funded by the Department of Agriculture — Regional Field Unit I (DARFU-I).Results of the research werepresented at a recent technology forum sponsored by the Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR) of the Department of Agriculture.The MMSU researchers reported that the productive aquifers in Pangasinan are indicated by the lithologic and hydraulic characteristics of the area. (Lithology is the study of rocks while hydraulic refers to something operated, moved, or affected by means of water.)"Therefore, Pangasinan has a good potential and most suitable for shallow tube well development," they said.Results on the groundwater quality indicated that it is still safe to use STW as a source of irrigation water to grow crops in the Ilocos region.The researchers added that the maps developed in the study can be used by farmers and well drillers in locating potential sites for STW development and serve as guide in selecting suuitable diameter (three-inch and four-inch) of pipes applicable in the area."Radius of influence must be considered for the proper spacing of wells to avoid well interference and land subsidence," they advised. They noted that safe spacing of wells in the area based from 10 hours of continuous pumping ranges from 14 to 842 meters.On the other hand, aquifers in Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur and La Union are less productive and moderately suited for STW. The groundwater resources in these areas may be tapped using smaller diameter (two-inch and below) and low capacity pump to minimize abrupt drop of the groundwater level.

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