The perspective of  twentieth year geological and country mine explorations in order to providing the fields and essential bases for developing the knowledge axis activities and for the country stable develop the method of identifying the geological environments Resources identify and exploring the reserves of mine materials and identifiny the procedures createors and the controlling the geological risks and measuring their behaviour and developing the data base of geology knowledge .

The strategy of geological part .

_To Help for creating an immune society and sate environment

_To develop the infrastructures of information based on knowledge Axis activities.

_To develop the humane resources and developing the ability of technolog relating to the geological knowledge .

_To develop to the  geological standards in designing and performing the developing projects.

_Active news agency in the field of soil knowldges .

The strategy in mines materials explorstion part .

_To increase the ability in rivalry in mine part by the method of mine rasevves exploration.

_To develop the capacity of mineral materials exploration .

_To develop humane resources and the ability to exploring Technologies .

_To participate in region developing and to make employing .

The purposes

1_policy making and national planning in exploring and Geological

2_Identify geological environments and the country of  mineral potentials and to give the results according to the Basic information in order to use for infrastructure projects constracture , sociological and economical 

3_To research in the field of preparing the soil . the view of engineering , environmental and risks .

4_ To research about identify the seismic regions Industry with the aim of decreasing and preventing social and economic compensates .

5_To research about seacoasts engineering and exploring the inanimate natural materials in aquatic environments.

6_To explore the new reserves of mineral in country , in different phases , to following up and general explorations till to calculating stages with the aim of providing essential advantages to make employing , growth

7_Gathering , processing and up dating the data bases about land sciences and developing infrastructure information with the aim of providing the essential information for researchers and mineral investors and mineral industries. 

8_ To perform common research projects and helping for applied education in higher education centers.


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