Effects of energy sources development


 Effects of energy sources development

Today, about one milyard persons breathe from non-standard air on the view of environment organizations that it will result a regative psycho-physical problems. This air pollution is caused from the use of fossil fuels.

The increasing use from the energy sources has caused the weather pollution. As the industrial countries produce the most existing Co2 at air. On the other word, the destruction and high consumption of forests is resulted to decline the absorption of whole C02 amount, in general the existing C02 at our around air is increasing every year.

The rise of C02 amount at atmosphere is resulted to increase a greenhouse effect and the rise of earth temperature.

The use of the atomic energy is resulted the environment pollution resulting from making the atomic wastes, that at long time  it is caused a serious damages and dangers for human societies

Last Update At : 09 January 2012