Providing museum services


Service: Providing museum services
1- Service ID: (This field is completed by the Organization for Management and Planning.)
2- Service Provider: Name of Executive Office: Geological Survey of Iran
3. Name of mother machine: Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade
4- Description of service: Considering the role of the organization of geology and mineral exploration of the country in performing geological and exploratory surveys and the need to maintain specialized documentation in the form of the creation of museums and park specialized museums of this service has been created. . The scope of this service will include visiting specialized museums of the earth sciences, museum parks and specialized museum services.
5. Service Type: Business Services (G2B), Citizen Service (G2C), Business Services (G2B), Servicing Government Agencies (G2G)
6. Types of contacts: general, specialists, investors, government, private companies, cooperatives, etc.
7. The nature of the service: the sovereignty
8. Service level: National
9. Service Mode: Customer Service Requests, Time Occurrences, Event Identification, Device Detection
10. Required Documents for Service: Requests for a Service Provider, the presence of service in the homework of the device to the Planning and Budget Organization in the form of agreements on title and cost financing,



Last Update At : 12 February 2019